We will perform a series of trials on visually impaired in both Egypt and the UK to answer key questions related to haptic devices:

We will then use this information to design engineering interfaces that can support visually impaired people as they use haptic devices. This will be the basis of further and final tests for this project.

Early pre-trials, Minia city, Egypt (Dec 2016)
Early pre-trials, Cairo city, Egypt (Jan 2016)

Project goals:

Develop the core force feedback display translation algorithms and test efficacy in both a developed nation (UK) and an emerging economy (Egypt). This will involve technical engagement between Newcastle and Helwan Universities, and clinical engagement with local ophthalmologists in Cairo and Newcastle (UK). We will also aim to engage with representatives from the blind community in both Egypt and the UK. The end goal is to support both haptic device developers such as Tanvas and OS developers such as Apple/Google/Microsoft to integrate the software as an accessibility option into next generation force feedback devices.

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About Us

We aim to provide a better interface to the digital world for those who are visually impaired by using next-generation haptic feedback technology for smartphones and smartphones.


Helwan university
Al Sikka Al Hadid Al Gharbeya, Al Masaken Al Iqtisadeyah,
Qism Helwan, Cairo Governorate